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Welcome to Strathmore!

Located in the southwest corner of Syracuse, the Strathmore neighborhood reflects a critical period of growth from the 1890’s through the 1920’s. In the years prior to World War I, local industries were rapidly expanding and those hoping to avoid the dust and grime generated by factories around Geddes and Fayette Streets were moving southward from the city core. Many new homes were being erected in Strathmore and in 1900 the city purchased and transformed eighty acres of property formerly used as a city reservoir into a lake and lagoon to create the picturesque Onondaga Park.

Owing to the scenic beauty and amenities afforded by the park, the neighborhood attracted prominent citizens of means who built their fashionable homes in the popular residential designs of the era. The enduring style of these homes continues to this day and is reflected in Strathmore’s eclectic collection of elegant Colonial Revivals, romantic Tudors, handsome Four-Squares and practical Craftsman homes. A small number of distinctive homes were built by renowned architect’s Ward Wellington Ward and Merton Granger. Today Strathmore is primarily a residential neighborhood of mostly single family homes where many families reside.

Many of these homes and a large part of the Strathmore neighborhood are listed on the National Register of Historic Places because of the research and initiatives by local residents. A forty-six acre section of the neighborhood, marketed in 1919 as “Strathmore By-The-Park” by developers Clark & Porter, Inc. gained entry into the register in 2006. It is regarded as a “distinctive example of an early-twentieth century residential subdivision.”  Property north of Onondaga Park referred to as “Onondaga Highlands-Swaneola Heights Historic District” was listed in 2010. In 2011 the Huntley apartments on Stolp Avenue were added. Onondaga Park (Upper and Lower) has been on the register since 2002.

Preserving a Treasure

In large measure, the stability of Strathmore is due to the civic spirit of its inhabitants who recognize its historical, cultural and architectural value. This is demonstrated by the significant amount of time, talent and passion, residents contribute to the effort of cultivating and maintaining a vibrant place to live.

Other events initiated, promoted and supported by Strathmore residents include the Strathmore Historic Homes Tour, Strathmore Parks Run, Strathmore Artisans Autumn Art Festival, Strathmore Halloween Parade, Art on the Porches, Strathmore Ladies’ Night, Strathmore Soiree, Taste of Strathmore, and many more. The neighborhood is home to the Onondaga Park Association, the Greater Strathmore Neighborhood Association and the Strathmore Men’s Athletic Club. All of these organizations work to support the neighborhood by obtaining grants, fundraising, recruiting volunteers for community service projects, making park improvements and administering the charitable donations of members and residents.