[Re]thinking Syracuse with Jason Evans

Jason EvansPhoto of  Jason Evans provided by Jason Evans.

The Strathmore Speaker Series is proud to announce that architect and artist Jason Evans will speak at the Firebarn at 2 pm on Sunday, March 20th, 2016.

15153581-mmmainPhoto of Jason Evans in front of “Flowscape” by Syracuse.com.

Jason Evans, a Syracuse native, has been practicing architecture locally since graduating from Syracuse University’s School of Architecture in 2008.  He has a passion for cities, and especially Syracuse, that is reflected in his work as a designer as well as throughout his life endeavors.  He is the creator of [re]think syracuse, on online platform and blog of ideas for the city, and creates unique pieces of art and apparel inspired by the neighborhoods of Syracuse.  He is the designer behind some large-scale collaborative pieces of downtown public art including the 2-block long Arterie, and Flowscape, located in Perseverance Park.

2013-10-19-kt-saltmarketjpg-24b09477c66d2ea1Photo of some of Evans’ art by Syracuse.com.

Evans can be found on Facebook here and on the web here. His artwork can be purchased here.

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