Past Events By Year


Sudanese ‘Lost Boy’ John Dau on His Amazing Journey from War-Torn South Sudan to Syracuse, NY

SU Professor and Creator of the ‘Tree of 40 Fruit’ Sam Van Aken


“The Near Westside – by Choice!” – A Conversation with Neighbors

Former Newhouse Dean and Ivory Tower Moderator David Rubin on the Media and Democracy

Maxwell School Economist Donald Dutkowsky on Income Inequality in America

Author and Judge Joe Fahey on “James K. McGuire, Boy Mayor and Irish Nationalist” Columnist Sean Kirst on “Syracuse: What I loved, why I stayed, what still drives me wild”

Social Policy Expert and Maxwell Alum Tim Rudd on Social Policy and Syracuse


Architect and Artist Jason Evans on [re]thinking syracuse

Former Professional Football Player Billy McBride on Race, Diversity, and Inclusion

Reclaiming Our Past: The Hotel Syracuse with Developer Ed Riley and Artist Katerina Spilio

Something’s Brewing in CNY with Beer Historian Don Cazentre and the Salt City Brew Club

Andrew Lunetta, Founder of A Tiny Home for Good

Colgate Professor and Ivory Tower Star Tim Byrnes with the League of Women Voters on “Election 2016: How We Got Here and Where We’ll Go”

Author Sean Kirst on “The Soul of Central New York: Syracuse Stories”


Fitness Gurus Nick and Jill Murphy on Fighting Fat with Fat

Former SU Lacrosse Coach Roy Simmons Jr. and Stick Maker Alf Jacques on Lacrosse in Central New York

Cold Case Initiatives Founder Janis McDonald on “It’s Never Too Late for Justice”

Celebrating 100 Years of City Parks

Historic Preservationist Beth Crawford on the Restoration of the Gustav Stickley House

The League of Women Voters and Maxwell School Professor Thomas Keck on “Rewriting our Foundation: The State and Federal Constitutions” 

David Haas: Creator of @SyracuseHistory Instagram and on the Weight of My Words

Mayor-Elect Ben Walsh on Syracuse: The Next Four Years


Writer Seamus Kirst on Sh*tfaced

Dr. Brian Taylor on Russia, Putin, and Putinism

Adam Sudmann on My Lucky Tummy & With Love

Humorist Jeff Kramer on “How I went from writing and reporting the news to not being able to watch it”

Syracuse: Bridging our Differences with Empathy and Storytelling with Dr. Emad Rahim

Children’s Book “The Silent Nightingale”


Dr. Donald Siegel on “The Dismissal of Scientific Facts and How to Fix it”

Dr. Keith Bybee asks “Is Civility Dead?”

Dr. Ednita Wright on The Opioid Crisis

Dr. Ezra Wegbreit on “Aha” Moments

Dr. Jana Shaw on The Rise of the Anti-Vaccination Movement: Why should you care?

Dr. Colin Beier on Climate Change


Michael Streissguth on “City on the Edge: Hard Choices in the American Rust Belt”

Authors Liz Petrone and Ed Griffin-Nolan on “The Price of Admission” and “Nobody Hitchhikes Anymore”


Hyatt Green on COVID-19: Predicting the Next Outbreak

Suzanne Mettler on “Four Threats: The Recurring Crises of American Democracy”

Dr. Samuel Gruber on Famed Syracuse Architect Ward Wellington Ward

Eddie Brennan on Beak & Skiff: Family Orchard to Tourist Destination

Jeff Megivern on “Mars 2020: NASA’s Perseverance Rover and the Search for Ancient Life on Mars”

Joee Patterson on “Icebreakers, Zodiacs, and Elephant Seals: Antarctic Science, and Life as a Marine Technician