Past Events By Year


Sudanese ‘Lost Boy’ John Dau

SU Professor and Creator of the ‘Tree of 40 Fruit’ Sam Van Aken



“The Near Westside – by Choice!” – A Conversation with Neighbors

Former Newhouse Dean and Ivory Tower Moderator David Rubin

Maxwell School Economist Donald Dutkowsky

Author and Judge Joe Fahey Columnist Sean Kirst

Social Policy Expert and Maxwell Alum Tim Rudd



Architect and Artist Jason Evans

Former Professional Football Player Billy McBride

Reclaiming Our Past: The Hotel Syracuse

Something’s Brewing in CNY

Andrew Lunetta, Founder of A Tiny Home for Good

Colgate Professor and Ivory Tower Star Tim Byrnes with the League of Women Voters

Author Sean Kirst



Fitness Guru Nick Murphy

Former SU Lacrosse Coach Roy Simmons Jr. and Stick Maker Alf Jacques