Master Bee Keeper Bill Kaufman on “Zen and the Art of Beekeeping”

The Strathmore Speakers Series and Onondaga Free Library‘s January 2022 event featured Master Beekeeper Bill Kaufman. Humans and honeybees have been engaged in a symbiotic relationship for millennia. Bees pollinate our crops, provide us with a natural sweetener, produce wax for cosmetics, and manufacture propolis, a natural antibiotic substance. In return for their valuable economic and agricultural services, humans have provided honeybees with shelter, food, and protection from predation and the elements. Today, as honeybee numbers continue to decline, this fragile but vital relationship is in jeopardy. In this talk, Mr. Kaufman examined the past, present and future of human-bee relations, from the dawn of agriculture to the 21st century and beyond.

This event was held on Thursday, January 13th. Missed it? Watch the full video below.

About Bill Kaufman

Bill Kaufman is an entrepreneur and small business owner who turned his passion for honeybees and beekeeping into a full time profession. His company, It’s All Better, offers a residential bee-removal service and both free and paid beekeeping classes. He is also a member of the Syracuse Area Beekeepers Club and founder of the Central New York Beekeeper School.